Our Mission

AMURT works with and assists poor, underprivileged and marginalised communities in improving their quality of life. It is also deeply committed to, and concerned with improving the lives of victims of natural and man-made disasters.

AMURT is a "hands-on" organisation where projects are developed in the field at ground level, rather than from behind a desk. The principle considerations regarding our projects are; the necessary needs of the suffering, established aid provided by other aid organisations, AMURT's available manpower, and the potential financial support from donors.


AMURT ensures it arrives within the first days of a disaster, and it does not leave once the emergency is over. Rather it continues to implement medium and long term activities to ensure continued recovery and future development.

Our project activities fall into these three areas:


Relief assistance for victims of natural and man-made disasters: distribution of relief supplies such as nutritional items, hygiene kits, medicines, medical equipment;


reconstruction of houses, schools, eating centres, orphanages and community centres, and re-establishment of fishing centres;


agriculture, education, water and sanitation, micro-credits, capacity building and psycho-social support for traumatised victims.


Issues of gender, child welfare and aid sustainability are important factors considered in all of AMURT's programmes.